Medical Trailers

The innovation of Medical Trailers has enhanced access to medical services by different groups over time. We explore where they can be used and what benefits accrue from their use over time.

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Special needs groups

People with low levels of mobility, the elderly who may not have someone to drive them to and from the hospital, those with various forms of deformity benefit greatly when medical services are brought nearer to them through the use of medical trailers. It not only makes it more convenient but it also ensures that the patient is in a familiar environment which may increase openness and therefore proper treatment. Since these groups usually require constant medical attention, the trailers could visit such areas regularly to enable everyone get the best services.

Catering to events

In every city, numerous mass events each year. These may include entertainment events, political rallies and gatherings, religious ceremonies, sporting and gaming activities such as marathons and so on. Whenever there are such events, it is important to make arrangements for standby medical services since there are higher risks of casualty. Medical trailers can cater for such events and their advantage over ambulances is that they are more equipped and can therefore provide better care in the case of injury.

Rural and remote areas

Some areas may be very remote that they may not get to have specialised medical services such as dentistry, ENT specialists, specialised paediatricians and so on. They can increase access to specialised treatment in such areas. The specialists could take turns to visit such areas all over the country with their equipment and tools of work. This may also reduce the cost of accessing specialised services since it eliminates travel and accommodation costs.

In some cases, the trailers can be utilised to perform simple surgical procedures especially in cases where complications are not imminent and at a lower cost to individuals who may not afford the services under normal circumstances especially due to lack of finances.

Blood donation

Most people will rarely go to the hospital to donate blood unless their relatives and friends require blood. Blood drives could therefore utilise medical trailers to facilitate blood donation in different areas. The trailers could be positioned in different areas in different periods for universal access.

Trailers can promote access to affordable medical services across board and therefore contribute to enhancing universal medical services across the globe. Besides this, their convenience, mobility and ability to be used on a seasonal basis or on a need to be basis increase their attractiveness for use by both private and public health services providers.